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Where we are

Dormiveglia is just outside the ancient walls of Monte san Savino a small village in the middle of Valdichina , the most beautiful Valley in Tuscany.

Monte San Savino preserved its ancient imagine of calm and quite life timed by nature, where both agricultural and artisanal traditions give to tourists a really interesting offer of food products as the prestigious extra virgin olive oil, the cured meat as salami and prosciutto, roasted pork, organic honey.

Manufactured products like the typical ceramics made in laboratories where artisans still work the ancient art shown in our local museum. We can’t forget to tell about the most famous wine Chianti that in this region finds the best expression and the best flavors. We need to remind that Monte San Savino is center of many enogastronomic touristic tours.

Many moments of historical commemoration like “Historical commemoration of Conte Baldovino”, “Sagra of suckling pig” in September, “Sagra of Pici” in August, “the Show of Santa Caterina” at the end of November, and many more Fair of agriculture.

The small town’s center is full of many architecturally important buildings very well maintained since middle age and Renaissance from which we can remarque the ones commissioned by the Di Monte Family.